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Health Hippo is a website dedicated to giving you the most accurate information for a wide range of health conditions. We sift through, validate, and summarize material from the best doctor resources so we can present it to you in an easy to understand, helpful format. See why our approach helps you more than those other vague, sensationalized health information websites.

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Why Health Hippo?  Top 10 reasons

Health Hippo is a website dedicated to giving you clear health information, in 10 minutes or less, for specific health conditions. You are your own best advocate for your health. And, we do all the legwork to help make it easy for you to do so, by sifting through and validating material from the best insider resources. See why our approach helps you more than those other vague, sensationalized health information websites.
At Health Hippo, we know that healthcare decisions are important and expensive. In fact, research says that 75% of us feel that a healthcare decision is one of the most important and expensive decisions we make. So why should you pay for Health Hippo?

Top 10 Reasons

  1. We are fast. In 10 minutes, you get an understanding of information that would otherwise take you many hours of online research and even then you might not find out everything we know. Do you ever want to read medical research in the Journal of the American Medical Association or on PubMed? You can get right to the most relevant research with Health Hippo.
  2. We are reliable. Because of our transparent revenue model, you know the information is designed for only one objective: helping you work with your doctor to get healthier. We accept no paid advertisements and have no interest in whether you make an appointment with a particular doctor or buy a particular product. Be done with vague or sensationalized information that takes advantage of your health concerns.
  3. We are determined to make healthcare better. We believe consumers should have access to the information that allows them to be true customers for buying decisions. Just like Kelly Blue Book for used cars deals, or Seat Geek for ticket sales, or Consumer Reports for appliance decisions, Health Hippo gives you the power to make a good health purchase.
  4. We make your time with your doctor more effective. You and your doctor don’t have to spend half of your average 20-minute office visit sifting through the erroneous health information you may have found online. You are working with the same resources that your doctor does but without the jargon so you can understand what you are reading.
  5. Do you ever have health questions that you are embarrassed to ask someone else? Worried that you’ll feel stupid, judged, or unprepared? At Health Hippo, we always want you to feel strong, confident and prepared about your health questions, and provide you accurate and objective information to help make that so.
  6. Are you concerned about spending your money on an office visit or a treatment plan? Many of us are in high deductible health plans and have an HRA account, so it’s our money we are spending to see the doctor or to obtain certain medicines or other therapies. Be well-informed so you can make a good spending decision.
  7. Did you ever notice how many ads are on WebMD or Healthline? Did you ever notice how many times the Mayo Clinic asks you to make an appointment with them if you visit their website? You won’t see any clickbait diversions at Health Hippo. Just clear, straight-to-the-point information about specific health conditions.
  8. It’s expensive to be sick! Did you know that, other than education, expenditures on healthcare are the fastest growing category of household expenses in the US over the last twenty years? Don’t ignore your health concerns; use this information to act.
  9. Do you ever wish that you had a truly integrated view of your health?  It's no secret that there are many specialties within healthcare and it's a challenge to keep everyone on the same page - your page about your health.  What if you could have one perspective that brings together what's known in each of the basic medical branches, from dentistry to physical therapy to primary medicine to optometry and so on.  A perspective that doesn't bend to the medical pecking order of specialty surgeons vs dentists.  We look at the evidence and create a comparative view from there.  That's our aim for at Health Hippo.
  10. Do you wish you had an expert insider that you could get health guidance from – on call? At Health Hippo, it’s like having an army of doctors “in the family.” You are on the in.
For the price of a Starbucks or a month of Spotify, give yourself a leg up with fast and reliable health information… and join us at Health Hippo.