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Health Hippo is a website dedicated to giving you the most accurate information for a wide range of health conditions. We sift through, validate, and summarize material from the best doctor resources so we can present it to you in an easy to understand, helpful format. See why our approach helps you more than those other vague, sensationalized health information websites.

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No Ads: Say goodbye to clickbait

Health Hippo is a website dedicated to giving you clear health information, in 10 minutes or less, for specific health conditions. You are your own best advocate for your health. And, we do all the legwork to help make it easy for you to do so, by sifting through and validating material from the best insider resources. See why our approach helps you more than those other vague, sensationalized health information websites.
At Health Hippo, we focus exclusively on the quality of the information we provide to you and design our service to save you time and money. In turn, we offer you flexible fee options to access our service. It’s that simple
All other options that are available to consumers to research health information are free. So why should you pay for health information on Health Hippo?
Well, as the Poet Laureate Ted Hughes wrote, “Nothing is free. Everything has to be paid for. For every profit in one thing, payment in some other thing.” And in the case of Health Hippo, you know what you are paying for.
All other consumer-focused health websites are focused on producing content that will generate revenue because you click on an ad, make an appointment with a provider, or buy a particular product. Whether its WebMD, the Mayo Clinic, AI-powered newer sites like K Health, or Healthline, they all have the same business model. And, therefore the content is clickbait… deliberately vague or sensationalized… so that you don’t quite get what you are looking for and keep clicking in the hopes of finding it. Even with the best of intent, there’s limited dollars in this model to fund the time to thoroughly research a particular health issue and communicate about it in a way that generates understanding and satisfaction.
Speaking of satisfaction, have you ever noticed that none of these sites ask you the question of whether you are satisfied with their content? Further, very little of the content has cited sources and, when they do have sources, the sources include press releases of other companies or simply the credentials of one physician. And, your experience of the content is jarring with pop-ups that may cover the entire screen, auto-play videos with blaring sounds, and solicitations to make an appointment, or buy a product, every few centimeters.
At Health Hippo, we ask you to pay a modest fee in exchange for a clean and easy reading experience, with visual aids to support your understanding. We’re focused on consumers who want high quality, in-depth coverage of the health conditions that matter to them, that isn’t designed to service advertisers or clicks.
We have one and only one aim – helping you to be well-informed so you can take action to improve your health.