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Health Hippo is a website dedicated to giving you the most accurate information for a wide range of health conditions. We sift through, validate, and summarize material from the best doctor resources so we can present it to you in an easy to understand, helpful format. See why our approach helps you more than those other vague, sensationalized health information websites.

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Citations: Would you buy a house without an inspection?

Health Hippo is a website dedicated to giving you clear health information, in 10 minutes or less, for specific health conditions. You are your own best advocate for your health. And, we do all the legwork to help make it easy for you to do so, by sifting through and validating material from the best insider resources. See why our approach helps you more than those other vague, sensationalized health information websites.
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At Health Hippo, we believe you should have the back-up.  No kidding, what is the data that supports this decision?  Whether you choose to read all the abstracts, or not, you should have assurance that there is research science that backs up the information we share with you, at your fingertips, so you can dig as deeply as you want to.
We are not suggesting you should become a medical researcher, but you may want to know more about what medical research exists and have the opportunity to access it. For instance, you may not have the same qualifications as a home inspector, but you likely want to know your prospective home has been thoroughly inspected. Maybe you didn’t go on the roof, but you probably want to make sure someone else did and told you what they saw on the roof. You may not know much about picocuries per liter, and neither do we at Health Hippo (!), but you may want to know that there is an expert reading of radon by someone who does know what that means and what its level is in your prospective new home.
Only at Health Hippo, we provide you 3 to 5 of the best citations, so you can learn more, if you want, about the scholarly work that backs up the science on a particular health issue. Our citations are linked directly to PubMed or other professional research publishers. Among the millions of potential citations, we bring you straight to the timeliest and most relied upon studies, with just one click. We don’t cite press releases, promotional content, product placements, or “click here to make an appointment.” We cite the medical research.
Could you make your own way through PubMed? Absolutely. It’s a free .gov search engine that is a publicly available resource for all of us, with no need to create an account. It is managed by the US National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health. There are, however, over 500,000 citations for hypertension, almost 225,000 for anemia, and almost 45,000 for lower back pain. You could spend hours sifting through these citations and potentially wind up more confused than when you started. Medical research is not easy to navigate and there can be wide variation in research quality, scale, and funding source.
Only at Health Hippo, use your time well and access a curated selection of the medical science that underpins what physicians know about the specific health conditions you are interested in. We take you right to the high-quality medical journals and research studies that make good use of your time.