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Health Hippo is a website dedicated to giving you the most accurate information for a wide range of health conditions. We sift through, validate, and summarize material from the best doctor resources so we can present it to you in an easy to understand, helpful format. See why our approach helps you more than those other vague, sensationalized health information websites.

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The best ways to use, and not use, Health Hippo

Health Hippo is a website dedicated to giving you clear health information, in 10 minutes or less, for specific health conditions. You are your own best advocate for your health. And, we do all the legwork to help make it easy for you to do so, by sifting through and validating material from the best insider resources. See why our approach helps you more than those other vague, sensationalized health information websites.
If you believe in actively sharing decisions about your health with a doctor, then Health Hippo is for you. You can use the information you find on Health Hippo to be better aligned with your doctor about both what is known and not known about a given health condition. Together, you and your doctor can determine the specific diagnosis, treatment plan, and prognosis that best applies to you, and take action to improve your health. And, helping you take action to improve your health is why Health Hippo exists.
We have some clear ideas about the best ways to use Health Hippo, including both who and when to use our service.

Who should use Health Hippo?

  • Adults of all ages, genders, and races (we will selectively share information about children's health, such as our piece on Pediatric ADHD);
  • Caregivers;
  • People whose jobs depend on their health, including those who are required to pass an annual physical exam;
  • People who are concerned about their health spending because of, for instance, high deductible coverage in their health plan or funds in a medical spending account; and
  • Anyone who lives somewhere that there are long wait times or distances to travel for physician appointments.

When should you use Health Hippo?

  • Before you have a doctor’s appointment, so you can compose effective questions and familiarize yourself with potentially new vocabulary and terminology.
  • After a doctor’s appointment to help you better understand what you learned and get a snapshot view of the sentiment of a large number of medical experts, rather than just one.
  • In between appointments with your doctor, to refresh yourself on things that you and your doctor may have discussed or to get some context on how your health concerns are, or are not, progressing.
  • At any time in that journey, so you can consider whether to obtain a second opinion and/or find a different kind of care provider for your health condition. You can may learn entirely new, or supplementary, information on Health Hippo as compared with what you learn from your doctor. 
Also, we believe we should be just as clear about ways not to use Health Hippo.

Who should not use Health Hippo?

  • Those who are looking for information about pregnant women’s health concerns;
  • Those with medical issues that require the care of an advanced specialist, including those with several potentially interrelated medical issues;
  • Those for whom English is not their first language; and
  • Those who prefer that their doctor make the decisions for them.

When should you not use Health Hippo?

  • For online diagnosis or treatment. In fact, we don’t believe in either of these ideas. Health Hippo helps you to work with, but not replace, your doctor.
  • To tell you whether to go to the doctor, or not. And it’s definitely not a good source if you are having a medical emergency. If you are experiencing a life-or-death issue, or any serious health concern, call 911!
  • To show your doctor that you know more than he or she does. We believe medicine is an inherently complex field that requires practice, hence it’s called the practice of medicine, to learn how to apply what’s known through research science.
  • To shop for better prices on healthcare services or to compare healthcare providers with one another. There are other good resources for this available on the web. At Health Hippo, it’s our view that you can be a better shopper if you have the best information. And, to get the information you need to be a good healthcare decision-maker, we are certain that there is nothing like Health Hippo on the web today.
You should know that, in classic Health Hippo style, there is reasonable evidence that shared decision-makers are both happier and healthier, as described in this study: "Shared decision making did not just result in better patient experience ratings, but also improved patient outcomes.” 
So, look to Health Hippo to help you be a great shared decision maker with your doctor.